Little Bitty Pieces

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"Little Bitty Pieces" (2007)

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(John Wiggins)

I fell for you like a teenage kid
Charmed by everything you did
It took awhile to see through your disguise
But your hard heart opened my eyes
If I'd known then what I know today
Instead of falling for you i'd have run away
You play love with no concern
You set em up and you watch em burn
You think your heart is bulletproof
But someone's gonna prove you wrong

A hard heart breaks in little bitty pieces
You'll see somebody's gonna teach ya
You'll know how it feels at last
When your stone heart shatters like broken glass
My, my ain't you tough
With your hugh immunity to falling in love
I wanna be there when your luck ceases
And your heart breaks in little bitty pieces

I was a link on your chain of fools
You drug me around, I was nothing to you
One of these days you're gonna have
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