Like A Fountain

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"Like A Fountain" (2013)

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Tarek aziz .......Party all night germany
Tarek aziz .......Party all night germany


Verse 1:

They be like man why you always rap bout women
Well at a young age I seem tove found another interest
Say guys all be the assholes but the ladies play the tricks
Now I never show emotion less I care about the chicks
I always dressin well from the winter to the autumn
If peter piper pepper picks the same them Ima pop em.
And for the most part I be ballin
Im the only kid at school in the hallways cat callin
I always do it best
Girlies getting tattoos of my name across they chest
if theres one thing that I know its that nobody do it better
she staring at me all the time I want and Ima get her.

Chorus: Yeah you get it then you got em
If you dont go and get it split them brothas like an atom
Youve been gone for so long she pulled you in I t
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