Life Is A Struggle

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"Life Is A Struggle" (2012)

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CBS 60 Minutes August { 8-11-2013] part 5
CBS 60 Minutes August { 8-11-2013] part 5


Lifes A Struggle

Where do I start, where do I begin
Life is a struggle, just cant seem to win
Take a look around, what do we see
Thousands of people, who just cant agree

Why do we judge, We are all the same
Life is a struggle, treated like a game
Black or white, thick or thin
Its not who we know, or where we've been

Smile everday, always stand tall
Life is a struggle, get up if you fall
Take pride in yourself, stay who you are
Shine like an angel, you'll soon be a star

Blieve in yourself, no matter what they say
Your beautiful in every single way
Take your time, only you can succeed
A positive attitude is all that you need
Blieve in yourself.....Believe in yourself

Dont ever give up, keep your head held high
Lifes a struggle, not easy to get by
Is it a star you wish, then shine everyday
Dont be shy, you will soon get your way

Step by step, its all in your heart
Lifes a struggle, just play your part
Its all up to you, you can make the choice
Become a star, let the world hear your voice

Whether it is school, or a career in fame
Lifes a struggle, you'll get there the same
Remember great things, they come in time
It is a mountain, you must try to climb


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