Komödia 2

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"Komödia 2" (2006)


as the night fell down across the land, a man comes to his house
a lonley house for no one waits, no children cry no childrens cries
he takes off his clothes and goes to bed, his mi nd's so numb . his minds so dumb.
as he closes his eyes he wishes to die (to) die in his peaceful sleep - in his sleep

the fugitive:
embeddet in a velvet heart of jasmine roses in the dark
the light of sunrise kissing minds to wake the sleeer in the night
"Wake up you (-you) dazzled troll - for you enface a bleeding hour,
where all your sins in pain will leave the veils of mind to set you free.

the birth of a king:
i dropped my mask on to the ground of desert wasteness in the sand
but where it fell a flower bloomed she smiled at me - we were alone
but as the sring to summer fell of aril's healing, blessing rain
the dese
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