Kibou No Saku Oka Kara (english)

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"Kibou No Saku Oka Kara (english)" (2008)

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Aqua Timez 『Kibou no saku oka kara』
Aqua Timez 『Kibou no saku oka kara』
Aqua Timez
Aqua Timez
Aqua Timez 『B with U』
Aqua Timez 『B with U』


A monochrome balloon in the blue sky
Alone, I gaze up at the square scenery
Till now, just how many dreams must I
Have brought to an end like thatas dreams?
Dropping my eyes to my feet,
I guessed they mustve walked away again in that instant
A girl biting her nails held out
Sky-blue paints to me
When you mixed red and yellow to make orange,
You smiled proudly
That navete made me smile too
I followed your example of how to paint those dreams
What of the bruises on your arms and neck and?
What about theway youre crying in the painting?
You quietly smile "bye-bye";
What couldve been hiding on the flipside of that smile?

Are your unhealed wounds spreading each day?
Did you smile cause youre too young to regret that grief?

With the sky-blue paints you gave me
Im gonna paint a dream, so I can get stronger
I'll try to paint a dream where I can
Smear out and end this worlds darkness

Beautiful flowers don't bloom near true love
A light passing through the pain
Coils straight around the hearts wrinkles, heals it,
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