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"Keep Steady" (2010)

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Keep Steady
Keep Steady
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Top Tracks - 2merica
2MERICA - Who's Feeling Who?
2MERICA - Who's Feeling Who?


Falling like a season
a calling for some reason
a cure for all diseases
sneezing when your freezing
Snot drips on lips
a warm cup of coffee
a hot bitch rubs
the Vicks vapor off me
The fluid in my lungs
keeps flowin' on time
you'll find that i'm the one
know that it's a sign
from father P... a moment of silence
everyone knows we're gonna make it this time
and eat our young
while we beat our drum
I'm a doo-doo chaser
america's on the runs
Shits and giggles
reading fingers from the middle
tiggle bitties little kiddies
p-diddy's so cynical
pool all our races
together we're winnable
these facts for
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