I'm Just Not Interested

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"I'm Just Not Interested" (2013)

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Not Interested Song+Lyrics
Not Interested Song+Lyrics


I'm not leading you on, and I'm gonna make it clear in this song;
I'm just not interested.
I'm flattered you think that I'm pretty... or something,
but once again, hey! I'm just not interested-

I'm not going to apologize for my lack of attraction when it comes to you.
And don't tell me that you, "Have a girlfriend anyway,"
after you forced me to be blatant, because it wasn't getting through.

Now you've called me a Cunt, because I had to be blunt.
Guess why? You just weren't taking the hint-
I'm not playing a game, and I barely even remembered your name.
I'm just not interested-

Please believe that I can sympathize with my lack of attraction
when it comes to you. Here's something that I came to realize;
Tis' better
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