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"Head Room" (2006) on the album How Dare You.
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10cc - Head Room
10cc - Head Room
10cc - Head Room
10cc - Head Room
Head Room  - 10cc
Head Room - 10cc
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10cc Wall Street Shuffle Live
10cc - Head Room Lyrics
10cc - Head Room Lyrics
10cc:-'Head Room'
10cc:-'Head Room'
10cc Head Room
10cc Head Room


I've never been kissed before
It's been on my list before
A flick of the wrist before would do
But when you get down to it
It's got a good sound to it
Don't meddle around with it
'Cos it's far too wet to woo
When Mummy and Daddy play
They tell me to go away
But by hanging around
I can learn all the rules
Now I got the technique
I'm away
Develop a taste for it
A time and a place for it
Although on the face of it, it's a crime
I've nibbled the cheese of it
The birds and the bees of it
Are weak at the knees
>From making honey
Every time
I'm throwing my toys away
I'm leaving the boys to play
With the boys
Gimme girls
And it's time I was breaking away
Just gimme some head room
Just a little bitta head room
I need some leg room
Just a little bitta leg room
I see myself Oh Lord
I see a mess
I'm making a meal of it
I'm breaking the seal of it
I'm getting the feel of what to do
It's got a good ring to it
I'm getting a thing for it
And if there's a sting in it
I'll have met my Waterloo
My Mummy and Daddy said
You're liable to wind up dead
Oo, they
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