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"Graftin’" (2007)
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Dizzee talking
So what you thinkin bout london city aye, Wachu fink u kna ?
Big ben tells the time
Background -east London, ghetto, west London, ghetto, north London ,ghetto south London....x2

Im the london hustler a golden grind, grind. Young hustlers we graft all the time dawn or dark,
non stop UK wot.

Yo as a hustle in the city for a paper stack lord knows i got the devil on ma back
Its a cold world l gotta stay on track, dogg eat dogg others gain if you lack in the LDN where i learnt to atract
calm that i can show u where its at first things first get a block n a flat next up get a black
hoodie n a hat livin in the big brothers camera view keep i eye out 4 the boys in blue. straight 5
years gettin caught thats you, sittin in the cell still wondering who couldnt keep quiet now u on a diet mash potato,coley flower and stu. pissed off with not alot to do and the word on the street dont ever seem new and non ov it dont eva seem tru endless hype who do u believe
n will it ever relieve the lonleyness at night .. remain disived if your convinced it might u know full well the streets are like a few more merks a couple more ranges other than that not alot else changes.

Sky looks grey in
London city we stay graftin cos were gritty
*hustle hustle constantly, hustle hustle hustle constantly,
Sky looks grey
London city wish they graftin cos were gritty
*hustle hustle constantly
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