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"Fugular" (2008) on the album Blood Death Ivory(2008).


Angry, very mutha fucking angry
over and over and over and over again
same set list same beat same tempo
same 1980s compilation

Lift up your bony little fists on high!
scratch my anger into your eyes
wake the dead, its time to die!
bang bang silver hammer go for the...

JUGULAR! (teeth sinking into throat)

No play unless I get it for free
vixens in black by the dozen lining up to see me
Dont need mixing gotta keep my right hand free
love this club spread simplex 1 2 3

Deal me a card in the Suicide club
Falls from Grace with a wallet full of HATE
dis-ease of the soul called apathy
Revolt! heres your change, have a nice day

Dish up a 3 course FUCK YOU platter
Faster, harder, louder, motherfucker
placebo more effective when they taste bitter
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