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"Friday Afternoons" (2015)

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Jammin On Janesville
Jammin On Janesville
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Shock me rock me don't try to stop me
I've been around the world with a girl getting sloppy
Are you ready to lay my track down
We've been moving, from town to town
Superman was the plan took out the mic
A pretty lady on the back of my motorbike
Dynomite, we're getting on tonight
Are you ready to start a fight?

This is how we like to spend our Friday afternoons
Dreaming that our writing will bring us, to the silver spoon
But hey, you know, we love doing what we do
I promise that you've never heard a beat so true

This is my story, a little bit gory
We headed to the back of the go-go for some glory
Pop a dynamo, man she's dancing like a pro
Not aware of the fun about to undergo
So you get no love, from the ladies
Why don't you pull right next to me in my Mercedes
Comes on baby, don't sit there being lazy
Cause things are 'bout to get a little bit crazy

This is how we like to spend our Friday afternoons
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