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"Drunk Love" (2012)

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Dear Danny Day 1
Dear Danny Day 1


It's 2 am morning Friday night
your calling me and not be calling you
asking me to hurry up and give it
so now I'm coming to
I told my self to stay away this time
I can't keep my hand to ball for you
baby your so fine you drive me wild
and I know you really want me to

We agreed to be just friends
but here we are alone again
I try so hard but I just cant pretend
cause Im lost in her eyes
But everytime im back to town
I call to see if your around
there you are the same old frown
she treats me like a boy

Drunk love
whats wrong with us
drunk love
it's all we ever do
drunk love whats wrong with us
I keep coming back to you
drunk in love , drunk in love , drunk in love all night
drunk in love , drunk in love , drunk in love all night

Verse 2:
I know that love we shared was wrong
but girl it feels so good just put it on me
and I can be the man who treats you
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