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"Dopesick" (2007)

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Dagoba - Dopesick
Dagoba - Dopesick
Dagoba - Dopesick
Dagoba - Dopesick
Car crash compilation 2
Car crash compilation 2
Dagoba - The White Guy (Unofficial Music Video Homage)
Dagoba - The White Guy (Unofficial Music Video Homage)


Hate both part of my head
And nothing in between
Tells me what's right or wrong
They've brought me in this cell
Full of dopesicked guys,
There even walls cry
I've never deserved it
I' ve never asked for it
I've never wanted to
Be threated like a fool
I've never knew this way
A safety belt on me
They damn inject in me
Something that burns in me...

So many voices in my head
Many creatures in my brain
Many toxins in my cell
So many people in my head
No mirror, face to face
Me and myself

They keep an eye on me
All the time and I feel
Like I'm an animal
The doctor said "keep on trying,
You must pay, you should die"
They want me to absorb
Substitutes and various pills
Untasty products but what is real ?
Tubes and fluids flow th
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