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"Dis-Ho" (2007) on the album Psycho's Path(1997).
Sáng tác bởi LYDON, JOHN.
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John Lydon - Dis-Ho
John Lydon - Dis-Ho
John Lydon Dis-Ho
John Lydon Dis-Ho


Hey ho too, I know you

Heave ho, heave

I must've been a horse's ass
To let her keep me under the lash
Some kind of king in a big palace
She took my love, she took my cash

Heave ho, heave

Sued me for the girlie, one on the side
Try a triangle, catch, collide
Thought that I was clever
(Heave, heave ho)
Thought that I was sly
She took me to the cleaners
(Heave, heave ho)
Said goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Heave ho, heave

Now don't be told your life is
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