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God me I've fallen
Just like the sun of the
I let my get the best of me
Depression got the rest of me 'til I was New Orleans
You let it storm 'til I was battered and
Then You blew me away so the wicked me form
Now I'm Recognizing only You deserve the praise
And I surrender all to You so you can make a
So I do this for my kids, future wife
Future destination that will lead me to my future
Cause I don't want them to go the same pain
That my family had to go through cause we rejected name
So Jesus! I'm-ma say it real
So demons tremble at the sound
Of the God be following
The one that's promising eternal life
And destination I've gotta see

I'm heading to my
No what I'm facing
I got forks in the road
Don't which way to go
So I'm patiently
For gotta get me the
So I could up my mind
I gotta all away
through the faith
Til that day I arrive
the day I will, the day I will, the day I will arrive

The only that's holding me back is me
The way my mind was running had my heart
I let my walk with Christ deplete
So I clicked on the devil and I pressed
all the ways I've chosen
Hearing all that was
I had to trust in God for the is my focus
Running the lust, from the pride and the locust
The Salvation, my presentation I will it
Yeah, I need to up; I need a savior!
We to unify for Peace, our maker
Like Moses and Aaron did, let's give the good
Let's turn from old ways and make brand new
So, as you're running like I was in mazes
Remember Jesus in trials of those phases
I can't progress without an of His grace man
The destination, the foundation His grace stands
Everyday's a new day, make this one best one
In the way you told your wifey that she is the one
In the way your told your hubby he'll be the only one
And when you follow Him the war has been won
Blessings to your the angels bringing you a Psalm
Of trust, and humility
And when you add the unity the diversity
It will equal to the Kingdom, the

I'm to my destination
No matter I'm facing
I got some in the road
know which way to go
So I'm waiting
For get me the signs
So I could make up my
I give all away
Suffer through the
Til that day I will
Until the day I will, the day I will, the day I arrive


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