Damien Iii

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"Damien Iii" (2006) on the album The Great Depression(2001).
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Hey yo D, it's your nigga D
(Uh, huh)
What the fuck, you forgot about me?
You've been eatin' real good lately
Didn't get a shout out on your last album, what you hate me?
Said I was your dog
Said I was your nigga that let you see it all through the fog
Said I was your mans and them
And any problem that you had I would handle them
Aiyyo dog it's like this, I fuck with you lightly
(Uh, huh)
'Cause I knew, if I fucked with you too deep you'd bite me
Get mad at me, send niggaz wantin' to fight me
Whole time you fucked with me you didn't like me
Oh, where you hear that?
Niggaz talk
Plus you know, how shit flow in New York?
Walls have ears, buildings heard
Supposed to be
But spill the word

Everywhere that I go, everything that I see
Every place that I touch, I feel him fuckin' with me
I'm gonna fly
Why you lie? Feel me get with ryde or die
I'm gonna fly
Eye for an eye, what happened to my piece of the pie?

Now dog, you know me better than that
I could put you ahead of the pack, instead of the back
I could have niggaz sellin' tapes, instead of the crack
Could have niggaz fallin' down, with lead in they back
Ain't much that I can't do when I want to
I don't really need you, nigga fuck you
Nah I'm just playin', got a wife and kids
Little dame ain't come across triflin' kid
Yo what you mean by that?
Mean by what?
Youse a grimy nigga f'real, I see whassup
I don't even know, why I fucked with you from the door?
'Cause you know I can give you what you wanted and more
I coulda got it from him
But you woulda have to wait
But I wouldn't have
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