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"D'Escargot" (2007)

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Dreadlock Pussy - Middles (2001) [Full Album]
Dreadlock Pussy - Middles (2001) [Full Album]
moje do auta
moje do auta


tell me how afraid you are to smile weren't you the one so sweet
pushing it away will save the day but I must concede to breathe
will you consider this an offering of peace from me for me
you hush it push it push it away but I just can't leave

let me try to slip inside this state wasn't I the one gone deep
I can push myself away but I'll keep my deed

remember this for good I'll pass on putting it away for keeps
but your memory marks mistakes as a method to complete your needs
will you consider this an offer to forget about me like me
I hush it take it break it away but you just won't yield

let me try to sli
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