Crazier Than Usual (Full Moon)

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"Crazier Than Usual (Full Moon)" (2007)

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The Devil And Daniel Johnston
The Devil And Daniel Johnston
The Dream Team
The Dream Team


Actual Name of song is : Full Moon

Vers 1
Put on a mini skirt
A tiny little shirt
It's friday night I just got paid
Gonna call up all my girls
Drive down to Jimmy's bar
'cause we know that's where the boys all play

wanna sing out loud
Gonna move these feet
Wanna be the dancin' queen
Gonna drink margaritas 'til the sun comes up
I don't wanna get no sleep

There must be a full moon out tonight
'cause I'm crazier than usual
There's something in the air
I can't quite describe but it's making me physical
I wanna let go I'm gonna lose control
I'm flirtin' with danger
There must be a full moon out
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