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"Clouds" (2013)

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Eva Maria Weinreich
Eva Maria Weinreich
Clouds ∞
Clouds ∞
Duo 61, Sayaka Yoshida, Sopran / Eva-Maria Weinreich, Klavier
Duo 61, Sayaka Yoshida, Sopran / Eva-Maria Weinreich, Klavier
"Im Rhein...", Liszt. Eva M. Weinreich, Susanne Grobholz.
"Im Rhein...", Liszt. Eva M. Weinreich, Susanne Grobholz.
H.M.     A present for you
H.M. A present for you
Adobe After EFFECTS
Adobe After EFFECTS
Aaron am Klavier Lied des Windes.mp4
Aaron am Klavier Lied des Windes.mp4
Hundetraining mit der Hundeflüsterin
Hundetraining mit der Hundeflüsterin
Mihm Thermohaus
Mihm Thermohaus


I know it was hard for you when we started ,
to begin a new chapter a brand new story,
All your life you tried to be someone you weren't,
but now you are happy and you stopped worrying,
When you look back at your life,
maybe you'll see that a big part was a lie,
Because you were somebody you never wanted to be,
but now you listen to your heart and you can be free,
Do what you like do what you makes you smile,
remember that one day we all have to die,
Just be yourself don't be afraid,
just be yourself that's what makes you so great

Ref.: When you feel alone when you want to cry,
just listen to this song and look into the sky,
I'll be always there always by your side,
I will never leave you rather I'll die

Take a look who you have been,
always so good you never sinned,
I have an angel always by my side,
the girl I love and I
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