Bt - The Force Of Gravity (tiësto Remix)

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"Bt - The Force Of Gravity (tiësto Remix)" (2005) on the album In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 4(2005).


Remember the words we use to speak
The promises made have turned to all apologies
The weight of the storm of memories
Still you?re flying to fight the force of gravity

I remember the days I still could breathe
Now I'm sinking beneath, the waves are crashing over me
The empty space I lay between
Is all that's left of where our love was meant to be

The force of gravity

Do you cry your eyes asleep?
Is it peace you seek at night when your body's weak?
Did it leave you with the scars, of a war-torn ravaged heart?
Do you cry your eyes asleep?

(Do you cry...)

Do you cry your e
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