Aprés Ski

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"Aprés Ski" (2006) on the album John Peel Sessions: Season 2(2003).
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The radio's on, it's some jazzy 60s song
She makes him laugh out loud by trying to sing along
But how many years has it been since she was seventeen?
Still, she is flattered that someone so young's so keen

And so she won't refuse, well, what's she got to lose, when she sees him glancing?
This kind of evening could be life enhancing
And so they talk all night until it's almost light and then it's back to his place
Then she sees the uneasy look on his face

A gentle breeze shakes the petals from the trees
She says "do what you like" because boys aren't hard to please
It's over fast, although he tries to make it last
And then they lie and watch the sky turn overcast

It didn't mean a thing, it's not embarrassing, it was just disappointing
She goes back t
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