A2une_School of Money With Olumide Emmanuel

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"A2une_School of Money With Olumide Emmanuel" (2013)


Ehh eh
O.E. Foundation
EC Beatz Classic
Ehh eh (x2)

Their aim is just to eradicate poverty
They turn nobody to become somebody
Their mission is to establish legacy
Imagine people are praying for them
Cos they helped them
How do you want to be remember
What would you like to be remember for
Common let join hands together
Let's partner with OLUMIDE for better
Imagine we save together
Imagine they are praying for us together

The brighter day is here now
The goodness we are waiting for
We give all thanks to Almighty that makes it to be through
Na God makes it real now
That they eradicate poverty with school of money
School of money (x4)
School of money (x3)

A2une loni ke ma se
A2une loni ke ma se lo
Gbogbo aiye loni ke se lo oooooh
Awa dupe lowo yin
Eyin dupe lowo Olohun
Gbogbo wa n dupe lowo Olorun oooooh
For the
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